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Braille Socks – New pattern available

May 7, 2009

Braille Socks

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a pattern for Three Irish Girls. It was really great to work with them, and I’m very happy with how the pattern turned out. Introducing, Braille, available exclusively from Three Irish Girls. (Queue it on Ravelry here) The pattern is inspired by the way the Braille alphabet lines up in columns of bumps and spaces, which reminded me of knits and purls.

Braille Socks

The pattern repeat is part of a Dr. Seuss story about feet (suggested by D).

Braille Socks

I hope you like it, and please, let me know of any questions.


Rainy Day socks

April 23, 2009

Soy/Silk/Wool socks

This yarn makes me think of sunsets on a grey drizzly day. It’s Sheepaints Silk-bamboo, a Christmas gift from D. I decided not to compete with the colorway, and just knit a plain sock with 2×2 ribbing at the top and a round heel. 68 stitches around on 2.5mm needles. I love them, and the bamboo makes them lighter and more climate appropriate for San Diego.

New blog location and socks for D

April 16, 2009

I’d been wanting to take my knitting blog in a broader direction for a while now, so when my web hosting expired, I figured it was as good a time as any to start fresh with something new.  There will still be knitting, but also cooking, book reviews, sewing, and other general crafty stuff. Hopefully feeling like I have more freedom on subject matter will lead to a more regular schedule of posting. (Yes, I know I could have posted whatever I wanted before, but with a title like “Jessimuhka Knits” I felt constrained. I’m a rule follower, even if I’m the one who made those rules.) That said, here’s some knitting content.

Before I left for Stitches West in February, I asked D what he’d want in a new pair of socks. I was actually kind of surprised by his response – he wanted much longer cuffs (8-9″ + size 13 feet = a lot of yarn) and superhero colored socks. First choice was red with a splash of yellow (The Flash), then Superman and Batman colored socks. Once I got to Stitches, I found some great yarn for the Batman color theme at the Purlesence booth, Dream in Color Smooshy in Midnight Derby.

Batman Socks

80 stitches around on 2.5mm needles (magic loop) with a 3×1 rib and a French heel. DiC really gives a generous amount of yarn. I got a pair of size 13 socks with 8.5″ cuffs out of one skein, and have plenty left over for mending purposes.

Dan's socks

They went pretty quick too, about 3 weeks from start to finish. Overall a success, but it’ll be a while before I make such giant socks again.