Day 4: Only the most difficult question of the bunch.

Today’s prompt: Your favorite book ever.

I find this an incredibly loaded question. My favorite book ever? I have so many favorites, and they change from day to day, or with my moods. This prompt makes me feel like I need to select something deep and important, and while there are Capital I Important books that I love, I think to be a favorite, a book has to be something I would pick up over and over, to read until it was worn out. So, I think I’ll go with a selection of books I have read so many times they are literally falling apart.

1. Watership Down by Richard Adams. This is an example of great book/traumatizing movie. Seriously, do not show this movie to an overly sensitive eight year old. Nightmares, so many of them. The book, however, I absolutely love.

2. Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. My favorite Judy Bloom book. An excellent book about grief and loss, and finding your way out of it. There are parts that are a little dated now, but I think the themes still ring true.

3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I could read this every day.


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