SDCC Day 1

I got a lot of knitting done on day one of Comic-Con. This is what my Lune shawl looked like when I got home:

Lune shawl - Day 1 SDCC

This was the most knitting I got done any of the days, because I think I may have overdone it a bit. My shoulder hurt a bit overnight, so I scaled it back the next two days. The Lune shawl was absolutely perfect Comic-Con knitting though, easily worked on with minimal attention. I didn’t really see any other knitters beyond the ones I already know though.

Thursday I went to 6 panels: Danny Elfman, Iron Man and Rocket Men, Spotlight on Charlaine Harris, Showtime’s Anti-Heroes, Dexter, and Transcending Trauma: From the Birth of Batman to the Rise of the Red Hood. The Danny Elfman panel was okay. They pitched a new huge box set – albums from all his movies with Tim Burton, coffee table book + CD – coming out around Christmas, and he told a couple stories about starting out working with Tim Burton. I left once the Q&A started, as man were there a lot of inappropriate questions.

Leaving that panel early wound up being a good thing, as there was a line (!) to get into the Iron Man and Rocket Men panel. I have some friends who are involved in the San Diego Space Society and Space Up, which were both represented on this panel, which is why I decided to check it out. Basically, it used the idea of Iron Man and Stark Industries as a jumping off point for talking about space tourism and advances in space travel. Fairly interesting, although one of the guys came off as kind of a jerk. The takeaway was basically that space tourism wasn’t going to happen until there was a way to get into orbit with a significant reduction in fuel costs.

Next was one of my two favorites of the day, which really surprised me. Spotlight on Charlaine Harris wound up being a great panel. I was a little worried, because two (or 3?) years ago I went to the True Blood panel they had before the show premiered and was kind of squicked out by it. I think it might have just been the moderator though. This one was great. Ms. Harris is sweet and funny. She told a story about Anne Rice sending her a facebook message and how taken aback she was by that (she’s a huge Anne Rice fan). The Q&A was actually pretty good. She says she doesn’t actually have much involvement in the show, but she loves it, and views the books and shows at totally different creative entities. She also talked about embarrassing fan questions, including a woman who told her every time a book comes out she copies all the dirty bits with her husband. Charlaine Harris asked us to please not tell her those kinds of things. No real spoilers or upcoming plot developments, except an answer to whether Sookie would ever become a vampire and Eric’s opinion about that. (I can add that in later if people want to know.)

Then I wandered the show floor until I remembered I hate wandering the show floor. It’s just too crowded for me. I hopped in line for assorted Showtime panels, and laughed at some people who thought they could get in line for Ballroom 20 less than 30 minutes before what they wanted to see. The Showtime Anti-Heroes panel was kind of a weird thing to have at Comic-Con. None of the shows really fit within the themes of comics/sci-fi. Still, it was fairly interesting, and David Duchovny was hilariously incoherent. Only a few inappropriate comments here too. The Dexter panel was okay. The teaser reel they showed was exciting, but the questions asked were pretty much all exactly the same – variations on “do you find the character sympathetic” – and not that interesting. I left early because there was a very loudly fussing 3 year old in the audience, which was both annoying and inappropriate. Don’t take your small children to panels about graphically violent shows people. I shouldn’t have to tell you this.

My last panel of the day was my other favorite. Last year, a group of forensic psychologists had a panel called Unlocking Arkham, about Batman Villains and the definition of criminal insanity. This panel featured the same doctors discussing reactions to trauma and whether various heroes and villains showed signs of PTSD. They talked about resiliency in the face of trauma and social and personal factors that increased that, and some specific character studies. It was really interesting and a great way to end the day. Next year they’re proposing a panel about Green Lantern.

All and all, a great first day at Comic-Con.


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