You got your homophobia in my Comic-Con

Comic-Con was super fun. I saw lots of great panels, and will have posts up about some of them next week. This, however, I found disheartening enough to want to talk about right away. While waiting for panels for The Guild and Community, I overheard the guy behind me complaining about True Blood. (Warning, I discuss up to the episode that aired on July 18th. If you’re watching a season behind and don’t want to be spoiled, probably better to skip this post.)

Now while I love True Blood, there are plenty of reasons to complain about it. It’s very graphically violent. There are a lot of power imbalance/control issues. It’s pretty trashy. Sookie Stackhouse might literally be too dumb to live. None of these were his complaints though. His problem? Dudes kissing.

Seriously. He went on and on (and on) about the number of gay male relationships in the show and the time spent on them. Specifically he seemed upset about the just beginning Lafayette and Jesus relationship. His argument basically boiled down to 1. no one is interested in seeing gay male relationships or, more specifically, two dudes doing it, on TV, 2. it wasn’t relevant to the show because both characters were human and 3. the volume of gay relationships is too high. Let me break this down for you random homophobe.

1. Umm, have you heard of slash fiction? I don’t necessarily understand the fixation of some straight women on gay male relationships, but you can’t deny it exists. Also, Torchwood, very popular with the ladies. There is obviously a segment of straight women interested in seeing these relationships. (Not to mention, you know, actual gay people who might be interested. I don’t mean to imply that it’s required straight women find these relationships compelling. Dude specifically said straight women aren’t interested in relationships between gay characters, which is demonstrably false.) Additionally, there is merit in showing different types of relationships. His argument here basically boils down to “gay sex is icky” and “how dare you show people who aren’t like me?” Rebuttal: you’re a boring asshole. I’m way excited for the Lafayette and Jesus relationship to grow. Lafayette is an interesting character and I’m hoping he gets a little bit of something nice going on for him.

2. What? I don’t even understand what this has to do with anything. Are Jason’s relationships/conquests irrelevant to the show because they’re generally human/human? Are all the human characters irrelevant? Obviously not. I can think of plenty of ways the Lafayette/Jesus relationship could be relevant and I’m not even that imaginative. For example, is Jesus going to start to pry into the arrangement Lafayette has with Eric? I’d know I’d question where the money came from if I was dating a short order cook who drove a Bentley. Will Jesus get sucked into the whole Tara/Franklin thing when Lafayette goes looking for her? Other, better plot points thought up by actual writers and not some annoyed chick on the internets?

3. Also, WTF? There have been zero gay sex scenes on True Blood. Early this season there was a sexually charged dream Sam had featuring Bill, but it didn’t get beyond removed shirts and there might have been a kiss. Russel and Talbot are a couple, yes, but they’ve never even kissed to my recollection. The guy mentioned that the show had already had a human and vampire gay couple, but for the life of me I can’t figure out who he’s talking about. Compare this to the volume of hetero sex scenes. I’m not going to go over to wikipedia and count, but an average of 1-2 per episode honestly seems accurate, so lets say upwards of 30. I’m not even going to touch how he kept stressing that it was gay *male* sex that bothered him.

And finally, do you know anything at all about Alan Ball? Were you somehow able to miss the completely unsubtle correlation between coming out of the closet/coffin? This is a show about homophobia.

So please, random dude waiting to see Felicia Day, next time keep your homophobia out of my Comic-Con.


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  1. Laughingrat Says:

    The sexism and homophobia (two great tastes that taste great together?!) are just so rife in the dudely side of fandom, alas. 😦

    Saw some of your other Con posts…am amazed you got into any panels at all, I heard people camped through many of them to hold seats for later ones. But then I also heard someone got stabbed in the eye over that kind of behavior, so that maybe the admin will finally do something about the crowd control problem for next year’s Con. I’d still like to go sometime, just to experience it.

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