Another one of my hobbies

I do have a few hobbies besides knitting. Reading and karaoke are a couple, but today’s topic is my love of craft beer. Once a month or so, some friends come over for a tasting night, our Beer Club.

We <3 Beer Club

February’s theme? We ❤ Beer Club, of course. Everyone brought something they love, which made for a pretty good tasting event. The line-up, from left to right is: Green Flash Le Freak, Stone 07-07-07 Vertical Epic, Alpine Nelson, Delirium Tremins , Maredsous Triple , Victory Hop Devil, Ballast Point Sculpin, Stone/Brewdog Basha, Maredsous Brown, Alesmith Old Numbskull, and Deshuttes Black Butte Porter XXI

(FYI, this was split among 10 people) Slightly over half San Diego beers, and a whole lot of tastiness. I brought the Le Freak, partially because I knew Ted would bring Nelson. My favorites, Le Freak, 07-07-07, Nelson and Sculpin. New beers to me, Sculpin, the Maredsous, Old Numbskull, and Black Butte Porter XXI. Beers outside my comfort zone, Old Numbskull. Barleywine and I do not get along well. I love IPAs. I like Belgians and Sours. I appreciate Porters and Stouts. I dislike Barelywine and beer that tastes like bourbon.

Anyway, February’s meeting was super fun. Not sure what we’re doing yet for March. Some suggestions include blind taste testing things we think we should know the difference between, which would be fun, and beer we found disappointing, which probably wouldn’t be as fun. We’re open to suggestions for themes, so if you have an idea I’d love to hear it.


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