Farinelli take two

This is something that’s a little unusual for me, I can’t think of the last time I knit the same pattern twice, especially within two months. After knitting a pair for Paaj in December, I knew I needed my own Farinelli mitts, so I made them into a mini Olympic knitting project.


Pattern: Farinelli by Ysolda. shorter, fingerless, modification
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug. Bought this yarn years ago and finally found the right thing for it. Great yarn for mitts, as the yardage it a touch short for socks for me.
Needles: My ever faithful Inox #2 coated DPNs. I need these in more sizes.


Look! A fiber animal! Gave the mitts a whirl at the San Diego Zoo last week and introduced them to some Yaks and Llamas. The new elephant exhibit is pretty bad ass, highly recommended if you’re in SD.

This pattern is still pretty awesome, and was fun to knit a second time. Only four days from start to finish on these, which was perfect. Wonderful short attention span knitting. The palm is a little tight on me, probably because I have gigantic hands. They’ve been fine on everyone else who’s tried them, but if you have really big hands, I suggest adding a few thumb gusset stitches along with the back of hand increases. It’s not enough to make them unwearable, I would just be more comfortable if there were a couple more stitches in there.


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