Garter Coaster Beer Cozy

Beer cozy

Hey, long time no see! Some dear friends requested beer cozies, and in poking around Ravelry, I couldn’t find quite what I wanted. There are certainly a lot of cute beer cozies out there, but I wanted something with a bottom, that would act as a coaster and guard against the bottle slipping out.

Beer cozy bottom

And thus, the Garter Coaster Beer Cozy. Table stays dry, beer stays cold. And yes, the beer does stay cold longer using the cozy. Probably mostly because it insulates against the warmth from your hands, would be my guess. Anyway, here’s the pattern, if anyone is interested. I made two with the leftovers from a pair of socks (photos of socks forthcoming) and estimate about 25 yds per cozy. I’m being pretty generous with the yardage estimate, because we all know it sucks to run out of yarn.

Sizes: 12oz [22oz]
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Persia, or any sock yarn scraps, about 25-30 [90-100] yards per cozy.
Needles: US 2 DPNs or circs, depending on your preference for knitting in the round.
Gauge: I got about 32 st and 50 rows over 4″. Gauge isn’t mission critical though, just use what you would for socks.

Cast on 56 [72] stitches, join in round.
Work in 2 by 2 rib (k 2, p 2) for 5 rounds
Switch to stockinette stitch, work until piece measures approximately 5 [7]”
Decrease rounds:
Round 1 and all odd numbered rounds. purl all stitches
Round 2. *ssk, knit 5 [7]* repeat pattern in ** around entire round, 48 [64] stitches remain.
Round 4. *ssk, knit 4 [6]* 40 [56] stitches remain
Round 6. *ssk, knit 3 [5]* 32 [48] stitches remain
Round 8. *ssk, knit 2 [4]* 24 [40] stitches remain
Round 10. *ssk, knit 1 [3]* 16 [32] stitches remain
Round 12. 12oz size *ssk* 8 stitches remain, skip to Finish [22oz *ssk, knit 2* 24 stitches remain]
Rounds 13-16, size 22oz only
Round 14. *ssk, knit 1* 16 stitches remain
Round 16. *ssk* 8 stitches remain.

Finish:Break yarn, thread onto needle, and draw yarn through live stitches. Cinch opening shut and weave in end to secure. Weave in all remaining ends. Wash and block over standard [large] beer bottle to flatten the bottom.

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